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The Value Added Tax (VAT) accounts for more than half of the state’s net tax revenue each year, and it is the state’s main revenue.

The rather simple definition of this tax, however, hides certain peculiarities in its implementation. Indeed, this will be governed by specific provisions depending on the activity carried out.
What about public persons and associative structures; whose activity is based on a mission of general interest?

These specialists often carry out subsidiary economic activities, considered as competitive, subject to tax obligations for the collection of VAT.

An exhaustive audit of the activities and services provided by these structures enables them to ensure that their accounts and practices are brought into conformity.

The EPSA Tax team, in partnership with law firms, supports studies and legal consultations on the potential optimizations anticipated, the drafting of legal acts, the accounting application of the optimizations expected, budget simulations, presentation optimization mechanisms and operational implementation.

Our method

  • Audit

    Our teams carry out an exhaustive audit taking account of specific accounting features and the financial environment.

  • Report

    We present the results of this audit, handle the legal recommendations validated by our law firm and their operational impacts.

  • Deployment

    We take charge of the preparation by our partner law firms of requests for tax relief to the administration until savings are obtained.

  • Support & Follow-up

    We support you to autonomy, through training actions for your teams, process automation (software configuration support).

The EPSA Tax touch

Our added value

EPSA Tax supports you in the optimization of VAT-TS, as well as the taxation of public entities and the medico-social sector with the assistance of a team consisting of general engineers and tax specialists in the field. We take into account each accounting specificity such as public nomenclature, cost accounting, and budget structure. We implement your right to deduct operating expenses.

The continuous monitoring of new systems allows us to offer you the most relevant and effective levers with regard to your needs. We bring your accounting and tax practices into conformity and secure through a common operational and legal approach. We support our clients until a result is obtained and we are only remunerated according to this result.

Your goals our solutions

Our teams are attentive to regulatory changes in order to provide you with the best possible benefit.

Our teams take into account the accounting specificities of each sector (public nomenclature, cost accounting, and budget structure).

Segmentation, allocation, deduction coefficient.

Our teams analyze the levers for partial exemption from payroll tax for your staff, including comprehensive analysis of the activity of each staff member.

Our references

Adapei de la Drôme
Croix-rouge française
Hospices Civils de Lyon
La mutuelle générale

meet our expert

« The impact of VAT on current consumption and investments is such that it constitutes a major issue to be mastered. We support the implementation of complex systems and in over 99% of cases we manage to regularize 1 to 5% of the VAT on the operating budget. At the same time, certain structures are subject to the payroll tax, calculated on salaries, and its impact is both financial and social. It is essential to control it. Updating anomalies can result in significant savings »

Stéphanie Goubin – Head of the Tax Performance BU

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