Manage your AT MP pricing

The 2012 pricing reform has profoundly changed the way in which the “work accidents (AT)” and “occupational diseases (MP)” issues are approached. The financial impact increases each year and the constraints are reinforced. The support of an expert has therefore become essential to optimize and manage your at / mp pricing.

EPSA Tax works for companies or public establishments wishing to control the evolution of their at / mp contribution rate in an increasingly complex legislative and administrative environment.

Our specific approach is supported by specialized lawyers. We integrate the most advanced knowledge at legal, financial and operational levels. EPSA Tax aims to reduce your at / mp contribution rates, while guaranteeing the rights acquired by employees.

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Our method

  • Audit

    Our teams carry out an audit of your AT rates and your claims.

  • Management

    We manage disputes.

  • Coordination

    We coordinate experts and lawyers in order to minimize consultation times.

  • Investigation

    We investigate new claims within two months of taking charge.

  • Assistance

    We are setting up a hotline to answer your questions.

The EPSA Tax Touch

Our added value

EPSA Tax supports you in optimizing AT-MP pricing. We offer you daily assistance from the occurrence of the claim, checking the calculation of the AT-MP rate so that you can contribute to an AT rate in a controlled and optimized way.

We then ensure the know-how transfer to your teams. We support our clients until a result is obtained and we are only remunerated according to this result.

Your goals our solutions

Our teams are attentive to regulatory changes in order to provide you with the best possible benefit.

Your earnings translate into reduced AT-MP rates and the resulting savings in contributions.

From a legal standpoint, our lawyers secure the management of AT-MPs in your company.

Our references

Yves Rocher

meet our expert

«The increasingly complex regulations favor an almost systematic recognition of AT-MP and the amplification of the feeling of helplessness facing the CPAM. The specialists at EPSA Tax, supported by a network of lawyers, doctors, and various experts in social security law, offer you the advice and optimization best suited to your specific situation. With a perfect understanding of the declarative and contentious aspect of professional risk, each of your questions will be answered. »

Maryannick Maurel – Head of the BU AT – MP

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