Good management of your HR expenditure

The management of the subrogation of the Social Security Daily Indemnity (IJSS) is a complex process. It can be a source of calculation errors, generate cash flow differences between the advance made by the company and the reimbursement by the organization and above all, it concentrates your teams in time-consuming tasks.

EPSA Tax has developed an expertise allowing you to secure your methodology and above all, to reduce the time taken by debt recovery.

Our method

  • Audit

    Our teams carry out an audit of the process with the various players within your departments.

  • Recommendations

    We provide recommendations to increase the efficiency of your organization.

  • Recovery

    We implement the recovery of debts from previous years with the CPAM

The EPSA Tax touch

Our added value

EPSA Tax supports you in the outsourcing of HR processes thanks to a team of specialists in the field. We are implementing a more efficient process validated by the administration in order to reduce the time spent in this position for your teams. It also allows a decrease in the future collection time to improve your cash flow.

We unblock the files with the CPAM in order to recover in particular the outstanding amount from the past. The continuous monitoring of new systems allows us to offer you the most relevant and effective levers with regard to your needs.

We support our clients until a result is obtained and we are only remunerated according to this result.

Your goals our solutions

Save time in managing time-consuming tasks: Our teams help you reduce the time of each task in this process.

Limit the financial impact of absenteeism in your company: Our teams support you in reducing the time taken to collect these debts.

Secure practices in the management of subrogation: Our teams provide you with an effective methodology

Our references

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meet our expert

« Managing the subrogated IJSSs within your company involves a bulky and time-consuming ongoing load for the Payroll teams. This cash advance must be monitored almost daily, between the CPAM, Payroll and Accounting. Our mission is to take charge of the management of these IJSS flows, in order to remove the opacity of this hidden financial loss and to lighten the work of your teams »

Laure GALY – New HR Offers Manager

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