Optimize your local taxation

The so-called “local” taxation has become an important item of expenditure which is worth checking and controlling, especially because the area is the object of deep reforms. Errors in calculations, assessments and even interpretations of the law are frequent and generate significant financial impacts for our clients, whatever their status: companies, associations, administrations, public authorities. We observe the following fact: one in five taxes is overtaxed.

The questioning of the tax base components on industrial buildings and professional premises such as office buildings, business premises, shops, stores, warehouses or workshops, allows us to optimize the various local taxes. This concerns the property tax, the property contribution of companies (cfe), the contribution on the added value of companies (cvae), household waste removal tax (teom), tax on commercial buildings (tascom), local advertising tax (TLPE), tax on offices, annual tax on parking areas, housing tax paid by certain organizations, and development tax.

EPSA Tax assists you in obtaining tax relief by analyzing the relevance of the tax bases as well as the method adopted by the tax administration. We analyze the current site charges in order to detect savings opportunities and possible risks; where applicable, we manage appeals and relations with the administration. Our study also allows you to advise you on the filing of declarations and to support you in the construction, acquisition, transfer or restructuring of your assets.

Our method

  • Collection

    Our teams collect the client’s documents.

  • Analysis

    We analyze the legal situation of buildings.

  • Request

    We request cadastral documents from the administrative services.

  • Tax base analysis

    We validate by analysis the merits of the tax base.

  • Risk qualification

    We qualify a risk of under-taxation.

  • Identification of opportunities

    We identify the opportunities for tax relief

  • Validation of recommendations

    We validate the recommendations with the customer.

  • Deployment

    We implement the remedies resulting in the identified reductions.

  • Follow-up

    We follow-up the file until the decision is obtained.

The EPSA TAxtouch

Our added value

EPSA Tax supports you in optimizing local, real estate and town planning taxation through a team made up of general engineers and tax specialists in the field. We help you control the local taxes linked to your activity and assets by analyzing the methods of calculating their base. We secure and optimize the taxation parameters.

The continuous monitoring of new systems allows us to offer you the most relevant and effective levers with regard to your needs. We support our clients until a result is obtained and we are only remunerated according to this result.

Your goals our solutions

Our teams help you to reduce the taxes paid to the Administration in full compliance with the legislation.

Our experts help you with a comprehensive approach to all of your sites and tailored to your business.

Our teams are attentive to regulatory changes in order to get to know the system as well as possible and to provide you with the best possible benefit.

Our references

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meet our expert

« In local taxation, the administrative errors, whether arbitrary or not, are such that a complaints procedure is quite appropriate. Most of the requests result in reliefs ranging from 10% to 100% of the tax. »

Claudine Mendy – Consultant manager in local tax optimization

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