Experts in tax optimization

Taxation is integrated into every aspect of the company’s strategic subjects: social, production and financial management. Companies must be able to manage these tax obligations with regard to their constant changes and taking into account their own economic objectives.

EPSA Tax helps you to be able to anticipate and manage this tax, and not to undergo it.

Our areas of action

Optimization of local, real estate and urban planning taxation

EPSA Tax assists you in obtaining tax relief by analyzing the relevance of the tax bases as well as the method adopted by the tax administration.

VAT-TS Optimisation

Tax optimization, taxation of public persons and the medical and social sector

EPSA Tax carries out an exhaustive audit of the activities and services provided to ensure that their accounts
and practices are brought into conformity.

Why EPSA Tax ?

Our added value

We have developed a clear and efficient method to identify savings possibilities and thus benefit from significant reductions for previous years, and savings for years to come.

Our references

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meet our expert

The impact of VAT on current consumption and investments is such that it constitutes a major issue to be mastered. We support the implementation of complex systems and in over 99% of cases we manage to regularize 1 to 5% of the VAT on the operating budget. At the same time, certain structures are subject to the payroll tax, calculated on salaries, its impact is both financial and social. It is essential to control it. Updating anomalies can result in significant savings”

Stéphanie Goubin – Head of Tax Performance

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