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EPSA Tax offers equal opportunity in its workplace and is officially one of the “Best Workplaces For Women” since 2020.

We won this prestigious distinction again in 2021, thanks to many different actions:

Perfect gender equality

This year, EPSA Tax obtained a very high score, of 93/100 in the gender equality index, taking into account the gender pay gap, the individual pay increase distribution gap, the promotion distribution gap, the number of female employees receiving a pay increase when they return from maternity leave, and the parity among the highest salaries.

A balanced workforce

At EPSA, it is important to maintain gender parity within the workforce, as well as during the recruitment process. At EPSA Tax, the management team is composed of 14 people, including 7 women.

Special attention

EPSA is also careful not to make any distinction in job titles: manager, salesperson, member of the consulting team… To avoid highlighting one gender in particular. In addition, the implementation of remote work is a materialization of the fact that no difference is made between employees, managers or partners.

An equity of remuneration and evolution

EPSA has a salary scale that allows us to hire employees at the same level of remuneration according to their experience; thus, for equivalent positions and responsibilities, there is no salary gap. EPSA trains its employees according to priorities and the allocated budget. There is therefore a balanced access to training between women and men.

Work and personal life balance

To promote a better balance of time, remote work is allowed up to two days per week, which allows a certain flexibility. Remote work can be requested by all employees after only 6 months seniority.


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